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    About Us

    To differentiate from competitors through our deep rooted client relationships and customer centric business practices.we have never lost a client. This speaks volumes of our relationship building practices. We have and will harness this unique strength to edge out competition. At all times, to promote fair practices in our client and employee dealings. We are staunch promoters of providing the best to all stakeholders & aim to uphold integrity over everything else.
    We at JNA CARGO MOVERS we make an extra effort in reinventing ourselves from time to time. From JNA CARGO MOVERS to A Domestic Cargo Agent with Multiple Airlines.

    Why Us

    The advantages of working with us are as follows...

    Complete Safety of goods

    Highly Economical Packers and movers

    High Quality Packaging services

    Proper settlement of Claims

    Big Network across India


    JNA CARGO SERVICES motto "You Call We Deliver" underscores the importance of prompt delivery. JNA CARGO SERVICES takes extra measures to ensure that its client's goods are delivered to their destination safely and promptly. Since its inception, the management has internalized customer support and prompt service as a yard-stick for measuring the success of its operations.

    Nothing is more important than customer receiving the best possible attention and our ability to offer innovative ideas to assist him. Our vision is to provide state of art service in the sphere in the sphere of transportation of machines like Aeroplane and Trains.

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